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Wormwood is a boss that appears in Downpour.


Wormwood has several attack patterns:

  • Pops out of the water and spits a spray of tears at Isaac.
  • Occasionally, he jumps out of the water and charges towards Isaac. Shortly after jumping out, it will shoot tears in cardinal directions.
  • Once he reaches about 33% health he will execute a series of attacks.
    • Swims under Isaac and punches his tail through the ground 5 to 7 times, which can damage Isaac and leave holes in the ground.
    • Afterwards, the screen starts shaking. After a short delay, he will break through one of the walls to the left or right and charge at Isaac at a high speed. He will spawn Small Leeches as he crashes through.
    • After this attack, he resumes using his first 2 attacks.


  • While jumping, he can jump over Isaac's tears.
  • Wormwood can only emerge and submerge at holes in the floor.
  • The holes he leaves in the ground may leave certain exits to the boss room inaccessible.
  • The tails that he punches up through the floor cannot be damaged.
  • When encountered in The Womb, Utero, or The Corpse, Wormwood changes color to match the floor.


  • Wormwood's attack patterns bear high similarity to Pin's.
  • His name is a reference to the Biblical Wormwood. It is a star that, according to the Book of Revelation, will fall on a third of the Earth's water, which will turn the water bitter and deadly to drink.
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