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Urn of Souls
Urn of Souls Icon.png
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Soul collector
Recharge Time
Requires charges
Item Pool
Unlock Method
Urn Of Souls Defeat Satan as Bethany.

Urn of Souls is an active item.


Not really much is known about this item, but when activated, Isaac shoots a stream of blue flames the direction Isaac is facing for a short while.

Also, this item requires charges to be activated and gains one for each kill. After active, it will consume one charge per second until it space is pressed or charge reach 0. With Bethany, if space is pressed with no charges, it will consume Beth's charges like his own.

The maximum amount of charges is 20.


  • The way of firing is very similar to Revenant's.
  • When used, the sprite change to an "open" sprite.
  • Finding two or more Hives allows for infinite charges, as waiting for two attack flies to spawn then killing them with the urn will award 2 charges for 1 used.
  • This is very useful for the Baptism by Fire challenge.


Bug Bug! This item currently cannot be unlocked and does not give a checkmark for completion.

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