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Passive Collectible
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Ice tears
Item Pool

Uranus is a passive item.


  • Isaac fires ice tears. Enemies killed by ice tears will become frozen.
    • Touching a frozen enemy will send it sliding in the direction Isaac pushed it, damaging other enemies it hits. When a frozen enemy hits something solid, it will shatter, sending ice shards in all directions. These ice shards can also freeze enemies.
    • Champion enemies still have a chance to drop their drops if pushed.
    • Enemies surviving the ice shards will be slowed down.
    • Disables the abilities of some enemies when killed (for example, a Pale Fatty can't become a Blubber if frozen and shattered).



In-game Footage[]



Bug Bug! When the last segment of Carrion Queen is frozen, the head and the second segment become indestructible. One can still kill the Carrion Queen by feeding it a bomb. Alternatively, if the player manages to kill the Carrion Queen in a really short amount of time, she still dies normally and her last two segments will be exactly the same as normal frozen enemies.

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