The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Wiki
Challenge number
Cain App.png

Health: HUD Red Heart.pngHUD Red Heart.png

Starting Items
Lucky foot
Available rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: yes          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Mom.png
Rune of Fehu

Turbo! is the third challenge on the list added on Antibirth; it is unlocked along with Cain, which is also the character on this challenge.

The game plays the same, but at a really high speed and your goal is to defeat Mom and doing so unlocks the Rune of Fehu.


This is essentially a common Antibirth playthrough as Cain with shops, treasure rooms same starting items.

EVERYTHING goes faster, the game itself runs at a higher speed including animations, sequences, the timer, Temporary effects.

  • Cain's already high speed makes him somewhat hard to maneuver, but the bigger issue is reaction time and dodging incoming attacks and enemies.
    • If you still cannot get used to the movement speed, consider reducing it a bit
    • An early Bucket of Lard will reduce your speed and increase Cain's low health
  • Don't rush through the rooms to seize the difficulty and dangers on each, trying to speedrun them will inevitably result in you bumping on harmful obstacles.
  • Leaping enemies and spiders are a special menace since they reach high speeds and move suddenly, making them harder to predict.
  • Protective items to shrug off hits and shrinking items to avoid hits are recommended.
  • Items which speed down enemies like Spider Butt, The Hourglass or Stop Watch.
    • In this version of the game, Stop Watch was still automatic and will trigger when entering a new room.
    • Broken Watch also works, but only every forth room and have a chance to speed up the game.
  • Items that petrifies in the room helps like Mom's Bra.
  • Eraser is really useful to delete a troubling enemy like Hoppers/Leapers,
  • Bosses like Krampus and The Bloat are a big threat due to how quick their attacks can be.
  • The best strategy is getting accustomed to the speed by playing it over and over.


  • Turbo! is the only challenge not to be ported from Antibirth to Repentance, likely due to its similarity to SPEED!.