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Tuff Twins
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Base HP
35 per segment
Stage HP
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Tuff Twins are a boss that appears in the Mines.


The Tuff Twins roam around the room randomly, like Larry Jr. They are normally invincible, but bombs and explosives will destroy their stony exteriors (after 15 damage per segment), making their segments vulnerable. There are always at least two Bomb Grimaces that dispense Red Bombs for Isaac to use against the Tuff Twins.

While roaming around, they have a few attacks:

  • Their heads will spit Inks while protected by its rock armor.
  • Once their heads are vulnerable, they will spit Suckers instead.
  • When their body segments are vulnerable they will spew bloody shots like Boils and leave a trail of damaging red creep.
  • When a flesh segment is killed it will spew blood shots.
  • The Tuff Twins will become faster the more rock armor they lose.



  • Tuff Twins are possibly inspired by Larry Stone, a hypothetical boss from the Fan Ideas of Isaac wiki created by FlashMasterXD.
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