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For changes to Rebirth trinkets, see Changes.

Trinkets are a kind of collectible that provide passive bonuses. 18 new trinkets were added in Antibirth.

List of Trinkets[]

Item Icon Effect
Beth's FaithBeth's Faith Icon.pngSpawns four Book Of Virtues orbitals around Isaac at the beginning of each floor.
Blessed PennyBlessed Penny Icon.pngChance to spawn half a soul heart when picking up a coin.
Brain WormBrain Worm Icon.pngMissed tears will redirect themselves and travel sideways towards enemies.
Broken PadlockBroken Padlock Icon.pngExplosions can open locked doors and chests.
Broken SyringeBroken Syringe Icon.pngAdds a chance to gain a random syringe item effect each room.
Chewed PenChewed Pen Icon.pngTears have a chance to slow enemies.
Devil's CrownDevil's Crown Icon.pngTreasure Rooms are replaced with unique Red Treasure Rooms, offering a Deal with the Devil in place of an item.
Electric PennyElectric Penny Icon.pngHas a chance to generate an active item charge on a coin pickup.
Exploded FirecrackerExploded Firecracker Icon.pngPlaced bombs explode almost instantly.
Giant BeanGiant Bean Icon.pngFarts produced by Isaac or familiars will be twice as large.
JawbreakerJawbreaker Icon.pngTears have a chance to become a tooth, dealing extra damage.
LighterLighter Icon.pngAdds a chance for enemies to burn upon entering a room, and makes all farts and gas clouds explode.
'M'M Icon.pngActive items will be rerolled upon using.
MyosotisMyosotis Icon.pngPickups left on current floor will appear in the starting room of the next floor.
Old CapacitorOld Capacitor Icon.pngActivated items don't charge, but batteries drop more frequently. The battery drop chance is dependent on the held item's rate of recharge.
PerfectionPerfection Icon.png+10 Luck, but the trinket disappears when damage is taken. Drops from a floor boss after three floors without taking damage.
Song of the SirenSong of the Siren Icon.pngImproves rate of fire of familiars.
Teardrop CharmTeardrop Charm Icon.pngTear-based effects have an extra chance of occurring.

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