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The Rainmaker
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The Rainmaker is a boss that appears in Downpour.


The Rainmaker has three attacks:

  • Pirouettes around, raising tears from the water below, which float for a while then shoot towards Isaac. Attack ends with The Rainmaker posing, sending 8 tears flying in cardinal and diagonal directions.
  • Takes some of the water and forms it into a big ball above him, and then claps to make it explode, splashing the area around him with tears.
  • Raises twelve tears in a line, six to his left and six to his right, which he sends towards Isaac after a delay, beginning with the outermost tears.


  • During the fight, the rain will fall from the ceiling in random spots. However, this is purely aesthetic. The rain and the sound stops when the Rainmaker is defeated.
  • Although his name and his elemental theme is a reference to rain dances, his movements are more akin to the dance moves of the modern period, such as those seen in flamenco.
  • With his movements of dance, the rose in some of his animations and his versus screen, as well as even in his death animation, the Rainmaker's origin of inspiration may hint at the idea of theatre performance. Even the name of "Rainmaker" could hint at how his performances could make audiences cry.
  • The Rainmaker's sounds are borrowed from Loki
  • His appearance is similar to the enemy Polty.
  • He is gay (source


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