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The Pile
Boss The Pile.png
Base HP
725 (on Mausoleum)
Stage HP
Found In
Normal Enemy:
Dark Room
Dropped Items
Boss Pool

The Pile is one of the bosses that can appear in Chapter 3.


  • Pops out of the ground near the player 3 times and throws 5 bones each time.
  • Summons waves of spikes in the cardinal directions.
  • Charges towards the player at high speed. Upon colliding with a wall, bone projectiles and rock waves are sent in all directions.
  • Spawns Bonies.


  • The Pile is a posthumous form of Polycephalus,[1] similar to The Stain added in Afterbirth.
    • Despite the fact that The Stain was already in the game, the Pile was also added into Repentance, meaning Polycephalus has two posthumous forms.
  • A third skull can be seen in the background of The Pile's boss art.
  • Antibirth's artist, NotYourSagittarius, first posted a versus screen of this boss[2] and then a full mockup[3] in the Isaac subreddit both in January 2015, which was implemented by antibirth's developer Kilburn into a mod during the same month.[4]


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