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Character Appearance
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Tear Appearance
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Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Born to rock
Item Pool

Terra is a passive item.


  • Isaac's tears become rocks and gain extra knockback.
  • Rock tears can destroy obstacles such as rocks and blue/purple fires which can normally only be destroyed by explosions.
  • Rock tears have a damage increase with a minor random increase/decrease in the amount increased being different per tear.


  • Rock tears allow Isaac to hurt Tuff Twins directly.
  • The Rock tears are also able to counter the damage resistance of Blasters.
  • Spectral tears make it harder to destroy rocks; such objects are only destroyed at the max range of the tears. Piercing and blue/purple fires are not affected in the same way.
  • Damage increase from the tear effect cannot be seen on the hud.


In-game Footage

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