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Template-info.png Documentation

This template display an achievement in a table and is used in the achievements page.


This template is used by entering:

{{MasterAchievement | temp={{{1}}} | disp={{{2}}}
 | name = 
 | overridename = 
 | link = 
 | image = 
 | size-main =    | size-unlock =    | size-table =    | size-box =    | size-text = 
 | description = 
 | unlockedby = 


The name of the achievement.
overridename (optional)
Change the displayed name of the achievement.
Cancels the link on the name too! (Not on the image.)
link (optional)
The image's link of the achievement.
The image of the achievement.
size-main & size-unlock & size-table & size-box & size-text (optional)
Change the image size in terms of the "mode" used.
main concerns the displayed row (of a table) and has no default value.
name has no default value.
table has no default value.
box has no default value.
text has no default value.
The Steam description of the achievement.
How to unlock the achievement.