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Info Table for dedicated item pages.


This template is used by entering:

{{ItemTable | temp={{{1}}} | disp={{{2}}} | visible=1
 | name = 
 | overridename = 
 | overrideimage = 
 | size-main =    | size-name =    | size-table =    | size-box = 
 | charapp = 
 | tears = 
 | type = 
 | id = 
 | quote = 
 | description = 
 | animation = 
 | grid = 
 | recharge = 
 | pool = 
 | unlockedby = 

Note: the icon field is automatically filled in with the image in the above format. Below is the usage syntax on item pages. Place this at the top of the page.
If the item doesn't have anything to enter for character appearance, tears, animation, collection grid, or unlock, leave it blank. The table will remove that cell from the page.


temp={{{1}}} & disp={{{2}}}
Parameters necessary for proper operation of the template.
visible (optional)
Indicates whether the template is displayed on the main page.
The name of the item.
Must match with the page's name.
overridename (optional)
Changes the displayed name of the item.
overrideimage (optional)
Changes the displayed image of the item.
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_Icon.png.
size-main & size-name & size-table & size-box (optional)
Changes the image size in terms of the "mode" used.
main concern the displayed Itemtable and is initially set to 70px.
name is initially set to 20x20px.
table is initially set to 45x45px.
box is initially set to 40x40px.
A short description of the item.
charapp (optional)
Displays the character appearance.
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_App.png.
tears (optional)
Displays the tears appearance.
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_Tears.png.
The type of the item.
Choose one of the following strings to specify the type:
Active yields Activated Collectible.
Passive yields Passive Collectible.
Trinket yields Trinket.
Card yields Card.
Special Card yields Special Card.
Rune yields Rune.
Consumable yields Consumable.
The ID number of the item.
The sentence on the screen when picking up the item.
animation (optional)
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_Video.gif.
grid (optional)
The location of the item in collection pages.
If the item comes from Rebirth, use the following strings:
CollectionGrid template
CollectionGridOld template
If the item comes from Afterbirth or Afterbirth+, use only the CollectionGrid template.
recharge (optional)
The recharge time of the item.
Choose one of the following string to specify the recharge time:
If the item recharges when a room is completed, enter only the number of rooms required (e.q. 1, 4 ...).
If the item recharges over a specified time, enter the number of seconds required (e.q. 5 seconds, 3 seconds ...).
If the item disappears after use, use the following string: One time use.
pool (optional)
The generation list of the item.
Use the corresponding templates.
unlockedby (optional)
The achievement(s) required to unlock the item.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.