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About Magic Skin's Item-Pool things[edit source]

The first note I added seems to be too simplified to comprehend so I'll try to explain it here. It follows these steps:

  • Uses Magic Skin for at least once.
  • Discards the current Magic Skin with picking up other active items, whatever recharged or not.
  • Does something to spawn a new item. Including:
    • Uses items/pickups that can reroll items, such as D6 and Perthro.
    • Goes to a new room that contains new item, such as Cursed Room or Treasure Room.
    • Opens a chest that may contain an item, such as Gold Chest or Red Chest.

After that, it will have chances to regenerate a brand new, usable Magic Skin in this cases. That is, after Magic Skin is used, we should keep it in hand otherwise it respawns everywhere (not always, however, seems to have higher chance if used more times).