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Stone Bombs
Stone Bombs Icon.png
Character Appearance
Stone Bombs App.png
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Rock blast +5 bombs
Item Pool
Treasure Room

Stone Bombs is a passive item.


  • Grants 5 bombs.
  • Bombs release rock waves in the cardinal directions.
    • Rock waves can damage enemies, damage Isaac, destroy obstacles, and reveal secret rooms.
    • Rock waves keep going until they hit a pit, metal block, or wall.


  • Rock waves can be used to open the door to the Mines with a single bomb, if it is placed a slight distance away, so that the blast and rock wave hit the door.
  • Because the rock waves are released in all four cardinal directions, it can be used to check every single wall in a normal-sized room for a secret room.


Dr. Fetus: Bombs from Dr. Fetus release rock waves in cardinal directions.

Epic Fetus: Rockets from Epic Fetus release rock waves in cardinal directions as well.

Pyromaniac: Rock waves count as bomb damage and therefore heal Isaac.

Bob's Brain: Upon exploding, will release rock waves in cardinal directions.

In-game Footage[]



ZD0J 8AXG (First floor treasure room)