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Sharp Key
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Tear Appearance
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Item Type
Activated Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Open your enemies
Recharge Time
Item Pool

Sharp Key is an active item.


  • Grants 5 keys.
  • Consumes a key and allows it to be thrown, damaging enemies.
    • Keys pierce through enemies, destroy obstacles, and can open secret and super secret rooms.
    • Keys are affected by shot speed and scale with damage.


  • Sharp Key is not affected by picking up a Golden Key. It will still cost one key to throw and cannot be used once the key counter reaches 0.


  • Cricket's Body: Sharp Key splits into 4 smaller ones, which each has an identical effect but with less damage.
  • Homing Tears: Sharp Key homes on enemies.
  • Ipecac: Sharp Key explodes on impact with obstacles, enemies, or walls.
  • Rubber Cement: Sharp Key can bounce off walls and enemies, overriding its piercing effect.
  • Spectral Tears: Sharp Key can pass through obstacles, but will no longer destroy them.
  • Tiny Planet: Sharp Key orbits around Isaac.


  • Sharp Key can be used to open locked doors and golden chests.
    • If the key passes through multiple golden chests, they will all be opened without consuming additional keys.

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