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Scat Man
Challenge number
Character Isaac appearance.png

Health: HUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.png

Starting Items
The Poop
Thunder Thighs
Dirty Mind
9 Volt
Butt Bombs
E. Coli
Mysterious Candy
Available rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Mom portrait.png
Rune of Kenaz

Scatman is the first challenge added in the current state of Antibirth (and the 2nd overall) and is unlocked from the start of the game. You are tasked with making it to Mom relying solely on your Dip familiars, as you are blindfolded and unable to fire tears.


  • Because you cannot fire tears, your initial cache of bombs are limited, your dips have a finite amount of health (sans one variant), it is highly recommended that you do not swap out The Poop for another active item unless you have Schoolbag because poops are your main way of restocking on Dip familiars.
  • Take advantage of enemies that don't do contact damage by turning them into poops and thus increasing your army.
  • Red Poops can be very beneficial because they spawn Red Dips who can refill their health.
  • If you've unlocked A Card Against Humanity, finding one in the shop can easily help you coast through the challenge if used in a large room.
  • There is a max amount of dips


  • The name of the challenge is a reference to a popular Youtube video of the same name.

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