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Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom Icon.png
Character Appearance
Rock Bottom App.png
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
It's only up from down there
Item Pool
Secret Room
Tinted Rocks
Unlock Method
Rock Bottom Beat Boss Rush as Jacob & Esau.

Rock Bottom is a passive item.


  • Prevents stats from being lowered the rest of the run.
    • Damage multipliers can still be reduced by picking up items such as Soy Milk: Your current damage will not change but further damage-up will be lowered.


  • Experimental Treatment can still lower your stats.
  • This item can show up when tinted rocks are destroyed.
  • Soy Milk will not lower damage with Rock Bottom, however, Isaac's tears will still be very small.

In-game Footage[]


7HP4 21YR (Second floor secret room)