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Reap Creep
Reap Creep.png
Base HP
First phase (Wall Creep): 230
Second phase (Blind Creep): 230
Third phase (Rage Creep): 230
Total: 690
Stage HP
Found In
The Depths
Dropped Items
Boss Pool

Reap Creep is one of the bosses that can appear in Chapter 3.


Reap Creep crawls back and forth along the upper wall of the room and will have different attacks depending on the rotation of his face. Each face has its health pool and must be defeated before the next phase activates.

  • If his upper face has an open eye, he will spawn Wall Creeps and fire streams of bullets towards Isaac.
  • If his upper face has a closed X eye, he will spawn Trites or Big Spiders and shoot blood tears in wide-spread bursts, which can be one of the following:
    • A disorganized burst similar to Monstro's main attack.
    • A wide, organized fan of tears, in a semi-circular pattern.
    • Fires tears with a boomerang effect (similar to My Reflection) if Isaac is on one of his sides.
  • If his upper face has an empty hole, he will ram the walls, sending down falling rocks occasionally containing Rock Spiders if fought in the Mines or normal Spiders if fought in Rebirth chapters. He will also fire large Brimstone lasers. These appear in two patterns, which can be determined by the amount of time he spends charging.
    • One is a very wide beam directly forwards, which has a short charge time.
    • The other is a fan of four normal-sized beams that start at wide angles, then close together to force Isaac to stand directly in front of the boss. This attack can be anticipated through its much longer charge time.



  • Reap Creep started as a versus screen mockup by Antibirth artist NotYourSagittarius in January 2015,[1] alongside The Visage and a posthumous version of Dingle.
  • Reap Creep, like several other bosses introduced in Antibirth, is based off of a group of common monsters encountered on the various floors. The Reap Creep, as the name suggests, is based off of the Creep enemies.
  • Like all Creep enemies, the Reap Creep has an appearance similar to a spider, crawls along a single wall, fires shots from its mouth, and has different behavior based on the appearance of its eye.
  • The first phase is similar to a Wall Creep. Like the monster, this phase has a relatively normal eye and is based on firing short bursts of tears directly at Isaac.
  • The second phase mimics a Blind Creep, bearing a similar crossed out eye and choosing a spread outshot pattern instead of a precise one.
  • The third and final phase behaves like a Rage Creep, sharing the empty eye socket seen on the monster as well as the use of Brimstone lasers as the primary method of attack. The attack used by this phase where Reap Creep slams into the walls of the room may also be a reference to the monster's name, as this behavior seems to suggest that the boss is throwing a tantrum.
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