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Polty is a type of enemy that is found in Downpour. Polties will pick up any type of rock obstacle (like poops, rocks, pots or buckets), and attempt to throw it at Isaac. If the rock they throw contains something (like a bucket containing Leeches, or a poop containing a consumable), it will be released upon landing and breaking.


  • Polties will always appear out of buckets shortly after Isaac enters a room.
  • If there are no obstacles left in the room, it will leave the room.
  • If there is a Tinted Rock in the room, it will wait until it's the last rock in the room. It will then pick it up and flee with it, instead of attempting to throw it.
  • They can pick up poop, even if it has been hit a few times, as long as the poop is not fully destroyed.