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Item Pool
Rebirth Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest Red Chest Beggar Devil Beggar Key Master
Antibirth Treasure Room Shop Library Curse Room Boss Secret Room Devil Room Angel Room Golden Chest Red Chest Beggar Devil Beggar Key Master Planetarium

Items in this pool can be found in the Planetarium room.

Passive Collectibles[]

Name Icon Description
AriesCollectible Aries icon.png+0.25 Speed. Running into enemies while at a high speed will deal 18 points of damage. Does not prevent contact damage.
AquariusCollectible Aquarius icon.pngA trail of blue creep is left behind Isaac, which damages enemies.
CancerCollectible Cancer icon.pngAdds 3 Soul Hearts. Grants The Wafer effect for the current room upon taking damage.
CapricornCollectible Capricorn icon.pngAll stats up.
GeminiCollectible Gemini icon.pngSuture becomes attached to Isaac, and does touch damage to enemies within its attacking range.
LeoCollectible Leo icon.pngAllows you to crush rocks when you walk over them.
LibraCollectible Libra icon.pngGives 6 coins, 6 bombs and 6 keys and balances out all attributes.
LunaLuna Icon.pngAdds one extra Secret Room and one Super Secret Room on each floor.
MarsMars Icon.pngCharge in a direction by double-tapping the movement key, becoming invulnerable and damaging enemies. There's a short cooldown before Isaac can dash again.
MercuriusMercurius Icon.pngDoors stay open after entering a room, even with enemies in it, allowing Isaac to leave any time. Increases speed.
PiscesCollectible Pisces icon.pngIncreases tears, adds knock-back shots and increases tear size.
PlutoPluto Icon.pngSignificantly shrinks Isaac, allowing him to squeeze between objects and making some enemy shots pass over him. Increases tears and speed, but decreases range.
SagittariusCollectible Sagittarius icon.pngIncreases speed by +0.2 and grants piercing tears.
SaturnusSaturnus Icon.pngIsaac is surrounded by an aura which has a chance to absorb incoming enemy tears. It begins with 7 orbiting tears when entering a new room.
ScorpioCollectible Scorpio icon.pngGrants poison tears, which deal damage over time when inflicted.
SolSol Icon.pngReveals the location of the Boss room. Upon defeating a boss, activates XIX - The Sun, fully recharges Isaac's active item, and grants bonus damage and luck for the rest of the floor.
TaurusCollectible Taurus icon.pngSpeed down, gains speed while in a room with enemies until gaining My Little Unicorn effect for a few seconds.
TerraTerra Icon.pngIsaac's tears become rocks that have increased knockback and deal variable damage, and have a high chance to destroy obstacles.
VenusVenus Icon.pngAdds one Red heart. Enemies near Isaac are Charmed, causing them to attack other enemies.
VirgoCollectible Virgo icon.pngGrants a chance to trigger the Book Of Shadows effect upon taking damage, creating a shield that nullifies all types of damage for 10 seconds. Also converts "bad pills" into "good pills".
UranusUranus Icon.pngIsaac shoots ice tears, which freeze enemies they kill. Frozen enemies slide away and explode into ice shards when touched.