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For pickups which ARE used, see Pickups.

Antibirth adds some pickups which are unobtainable unless you hack the game.


Illusion Heart

Illusion Hearts appear to function as Soul Hearts that create a clone of the player character that moves in tandem with the original, a similar mechanic to Jacob & Esau. When an Illusion Heart is depleted, the Isaac that gets hit disappears. The clones do not apply modifiers gained from picking up items, meaning that if you obtain an illusion heart and then grab an item, the clone will not receive that item as well. The clone will only copy what you had before. Will not copy Co-op Babies, but will copy other players.


Rune ID Icon Message Effect
Rune of Ingwaz 64 "Treasure"
Rune of Sowilo 65 "Renewal"
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