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A hatch, leading to Mines

A hatch, leading to Mines

Mines is a new environment added in Antibirth. The Mines have many rock and fire-themed enemies and contain unique objects such as minecarts and red bombs. Rooms also have a chance of being dark.

Treasure rooms in the Mines always have two items to choose from.

After "A Secret Exit" is unlocked, a boarded door to the Mines will appear upon completing The Caves, Catacombs, or Downpour. The boarded door requires two bombs to enter.


Monster Description
Similar behavior to Dumplings, but its farts are poisonous.
Runs away from Isaac and fires Fly Bombs.
Runs away from Isaac. If Isaac gets close, its head inflates and it starts chasing Isaac. Releases a chaotic burst of red shots upon death.
Coal Boy
Coal Boy.png
Walks towards Isaac, periodically firing several hot rocks towards Isaac, some of which may be Coal Spiders. Hot coals linger and can hurt Isaac.
Rock Spider
Rock Spider.png
Skitters towards Isaac when he's close, and may turn into a normal Spider upon death.
Tinted Rock Spider
Tinted Rock Spider.png
Skitters towards Isaac when he's close, and drops a Soul Heart upon death.
Coal Spider
Coal Spider.png
Erratically moves around when Isaac is close. Leaves behind hot coals upon death that can hurt Isaac.
Walks towards Isaac, periodically firing several rocks towards Isaac, some of which may be Rock Spiders.
Flies around the room diagonally. Upon death, releases fire in either the cardinal or diagonal directions, depending on the appearance of its eyes.
Echo Bat
Echo Bat.png
Flies towards Isaac and periodically fires three white orbs. If an orb hits Isaac, he becomes confused and his movement is reversed for a few seconds.
Wanders aimlessly and fires tears in six directions. If Isaac gets close, it will start chasing him.
Pops out of a hole in the ground and spits fire at Isaac. The fire persists for a while, and can be put out by shooting it. Only present when there's lava in the room.
Fly Bomb
Fly Bomb.png
Flies towards Isaac. Turns into a small bomb on death that explodes after a short delay.
Rolls around aimlessly. If Isaac gets close, it starts rapidly rolling towards him.
Grilled Gyro
Grilled Gyro.png
Rolls around aimlessly. If Isaac gets close, it starts rapidly rolling towards him, and leaves fires on the ground.
Hard Host
Hard Host.png
Stationary enemy that is normally invulnerable. Raises its head up when Isaac gets close, revealing a fleshy stem that can be damaged. After a short delay, it slams its head down, sending a rock wave towards Isaac.
Charges at the player until it runs into a wall or obstacle. Upon impact, rocks are fired in all directions, with a chance to make rocks fall from the ceiling. Self-destructs after the third impact. Spawns a Dip upon death.
Flies towards Isaac. Upon death, fires four black shots in the diagonal directions and leaves a pool of slowing black creep.
Slowly digs underground towards Isaac. When they get close, they pop up and fire three blood shots at Isaac.
Walks towards Isaac, sometimes leaping forward, causing a ring of rocks to spread from the landing, and making rocks fall from the ceiling.
Bomb Grimace
Bomb Grimace.png
Spawns Red Bombs for Isaac to use.
Quake Grimace
Quake Grimace.png
Periodically fires a rock wave forwards. Does not stop, even if the room is cleared.

Rebirth Monsters[]


Boss Tuff Twins.png
Boss Great Gideon.png
Boss Hornfel.png
Boss Reap Creep.png
Tuff Twins Great Gideon Hornfel Reap Creep

Knife Piece[]

  • Somewhere on the floor, there will be a room containing four buttons. Next to each button is 1 to 4 small pebbles, indicating the order in which to press them. After pressing the four buttons, Knife Piece 2 will appear in the center of the room.


  • The track that plays in the Mines is titled Fault Lines.


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