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Angel Room

Menorah is a passive item.


  • Spawns a menorah familiar that causes Isaac's tears to be multiplied by the number of lit candles.
    • The menorah starts with one candle lit, and each time Isaac is hit, another candle is lit, up to a maximum of 7 tears per shot.
    • Being hit an additional time will release blue flames that damage enemies and set the menorah to 0 for a bit, effectively making him blindfolded. After that time has passed, the candle will reset itself back to 1 lit candle.
    • Halves tear delay and then multiplies it by the sum of lit candles plus 1. This means that Isaac has the same tear delay at one candle, and 50% more tear delay at 2 candles, and so on.


  • Menorah multiplies the original tear, rather than add additional tears to each volley. That means if the original tear has a random tear effect, all other tears will have it (and conversely, the additional tears will never have a tear effect if the original didn't).


  • Monstro's Lung: For each candle lit, it will shoot another barrage of tears rather than just adding one tear.
  • Mutant Spider: Each lit candle will add a spread of additional shots, resulting in a massive wave of shots with seven candles.
  • Sad Bombs: Sad Bomb's Tears are affected by Menorah.


  • Azazel's Brimstone: Overrides Menorah.
  • Ludovico Technique currently crashes the game, so be careful!

In-game Footage[]



Bug Bug! Trying to control the Tear with The Ludovico Technique after taking a hit will cause the game will crash.


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