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Mega Mush
Mega Mush Icon.png
Character Appearance
Mega Mush App.png
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
I'm a big boy now!
Recharge Time
Item Pool
Secret Room
Unlock Method
Mega Mush Defeat The Witness with every character on Hard mode.

Mega Mush is an active item.


  • Gigantifies Isaac for a short duration. This effect persists across rooms.
  • While giant, Isaac gains the following effects:
    • Gains a significant buff to damage and range, but drastically decreases fire rate:
      • Damage is set to (Effective damage + 1.5) * 4.
      • Range is set to ~120.
      • Fire rate is halved.
    • Becomes invulnerable.
    • Can crush blocks and enemies.
    • Can bust through normal doors, Secret Rooms, and Super Secret Rooms.


  • This item allows Isaac to crush metal blocks and tall blocks, which cannot be destroyed by any other means.
  • While giant, Isaac cannot use any active items.
  • While active, Mega Mush will not be recharged by clearing rooms, while other active items gain charges normally.
  • Doors of Challenge Rooms, Mini-Boss Rooms, and Boss Rooms cannot be busted through. Locked doors still need keys to be opened.
  • Can randomly drop from exploded mushroom blocks even before the unlock.

In-game Footage


  • This item is a reference to the Mega Mushroom from the Mario franchise.


2LDG 19LN (First floor secret room)