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Passive Collectible
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Double tap dash
Item Pool

Mars is a passive Item.


  • Double tapping a direction makes Isaac quickly dash in that direction.
    • Isaac is invincible during the dash.
    • The dash deals 4 times your damage.
    • The direction of the dash can be changed by holding another button.
    • The dash has an approximate 3-second cooldown.


  • Thunder Thighs/Leo: Can destroy obstacles while dashing.
  • Midas Touch: Dash will freeze enemies and instantly kill them.
  • The Virus: Dash will poison enemies.
  • Monstrance: Damaging aura remains in effect during dash, allowing for enemies not hit by your dash to be damaged as well.
  • Aries: Dash will deal the additional contact damage of Aries which is slightly helpful for bosses.


  • The dash can help Isaac enter and leave Curse Room without taking damage.

In-game Footage[]


  • Picking up Mars makes Isaac look similar to War. In Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war.


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