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Magic Skin
Magic Skin Icon.png
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
All your desires fulfilled
Recharge Time
Item Pool
Secret Room
Unlock Method
Magic Skin Defeat The Witness as Jacob & Esau.

Magic Skin is an active item.


  • Generates one item from the current room's item pool.
  • Consumes 1 heart container or 2 soul hearts and turns them into a broken heart, which permanently decreases the maximum health limit.


  • After using Magic Skin, if Isaac discards it and picks up another active item, Magic Skin will continue to appear in places such as Golden Chests and Treasure Rooms.
    • The more times Isaac uses Magic Skin, the higher chance Magic Skin will respawn.
    • Each new Magic Skin is fully recharged.
    • Magic Skin must be kept to prevent it from respawning; otherwise, new items will be replaced with Magic Skin in the future.
      • If Isaac has the Schoolbag, Isaac can keep Magic Skin in the inactive slot to prevent its respawning while still be able to use another active item.
  • After 12 uses, Isaac dies instantly.
    • If Isaac has extra lives, he will be revived with one heart, but picking up any new items kills Isaac instantly.
    • The Lost can use this item infinitely as he cannot gain broken hearts due to a lack of health.
  • Dying and reviving using any item does not repair the heart containers.
  • Collecting Missing No. while Magic Skin is not in your inventory after using Magic Skin at least once may replace all of your items with a single Magic Skin, even removing any transformations.

In-game Footage[]


  • This is a reference to the book by Honoré de Balzac called La Peau de chagrin. In the story, the main character finds a special talisman that grants wishes, but each wish weakens him and causes the talisman to become smaller, as well as his lifetime.
  • This also may be a reference to the goatskin Jacob uses to trick his father Isaac into thinking he was Esau, thus giving him his blessing along with the divine right God had promised Abraham (Isaac's father), which included inheriting the promised land and having his bloodline bring forth the Messiah.