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Lil' Dumpy
Lil' Dumpy Icon.png
Character Appearance
Lil' Dumpy App.png
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Puffy buddy
Item Pool
Treasure Room

Lil' Dumpy is a passive item.


  • Grants a Dumpling familiar that loosely follows the player, moving around the room randomly. Farts when hit by anything damaging, sending it bouncing around the room.
    • Farts have a chance to briefly stun or poison enemies.


  • BFFs! - Increases the size of Lil' Dumpy, allowing it to more effectively poison groups of enemies.
  • Giant Bean - Lil' Dumpy's farts will deal extra damage and stun enemies.


  • Lighter - Lil' Dumpy's farts become explosions and leave behind a fire. The explosions can hurt Isaac.


  • When attempting to collect Knife Piece 3, Lil' Dumpy can destroy fire that needs to stay lit.

In-game Footage


  • ZV4B FD4N (First floor treasure room)
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