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<onlyinclude>{{ItemTable | temp={{{1}}} | disp={{{2}}}
<onlyinclude>{{ItemTable | temp={{{1}}} | disp={{{2}}}
| name = Knockout Drops
| name = Knockout Drops
| charapp = [[File:Knockout_Drops_App.png|100px]]
| charapp = [[File:Knockout_Drops_App.png]]
| tears = [[File:Knockout_Drops_Tears.png|40px]]
| tears = [[File:Knockout_Drops_Tears.png]]
| type = Passive
| type = Passive
| id = 1084
| id = 1084

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Knockout Drops
Knockout Drops Icon.png
Character Appearance
Knockout Drops App.png
Tear Appearance
Knockout Drops Tears.png
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
They pack a punch!
Item Pool
Treasure Room

Knockout Drops is a passive item.


  • Adds a chance to fire fist tears, which have massive knockback and briefly stun enemies.
    • Knocked back enemies will deal contact damage to enemies they collide with.
    • Tears from Knockout Drops can even knock away stationary bosses such as It Lives or Mega Maw, although they'll snap back to their previous position.
    • The chance to fire a fist tear depends on the luck stat, reaching 100% with 10 luck.


  • If a fist tear hits an enemy with multiple body segments like Chub, all segments are knocked back and collide with each other, dealing extremely high damage. It is possible to kill these enemies with only one fist.


  • Brimstone/Technology: The laser knocks back enemies.
  • Perfection: Since the item requires 10 Luck to activate every time, picking up this trinket when Luck is 0 or more will make the effect constant.

In-game Footage


E1S6 63JC (First floor treasure room) QN2F 2BG8 (First floor treasure room)