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Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder Icon.png
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
Stairway to heaven
Item Pool
Angel Room
Unlock Method
Jacob's Ladder Defeat Isaac as Jacob & Esau.
Rules Card Icon.png This article is about the changes of "The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth". For the main page, see Jacob's Ladder.

Jacob's Ladder is a passive item.


  • Generates a ladder in the starting room of each floor which leads to an Angel Room.
    • The ladder is always present, so this Angel Room can be re-entered multiple times.
    • This Angel Room is different from the Devil/Angel Room generated after the boss fight and is, therefore, is not affected by devil deals made in the run.


  • Angels spawned from angel statues in this room will normally drop corresponding key pieces.
  • If Isaac has already entered the Angel Room before a boss fight, no Devil/Angel Room will be generated in the Boss Room after the fight.
    • Because of this, it's suggested to enter the Devil/Angel Room generated after defeating a boss before entering the Jacob's Ladder Angel Room, potentially granting more rewards.
  • If the starting room is swapped with another room under the effect of Curse of Maze, the ladder will be moved along with it.

In-game Footage[]


  • If you edit in this item on the first floor, going to the Angel Room with it will cause the entire game to speed up, similar to if it had been "speedhacked." This effect lasts until you exit to the menu and continue.
  • If you lose Jacob's Ladder due to Missing No. you will still be able to enter an angel room when starting a floor, but the ladder will disappear after using it, leaving you trapped in the angel room.


  • Jacob's Ladder is a reference to The Book Of Genesis from the Old Testament. In Genesis 28:10-19 Jacob rests on his journey and has a dream; in the dream, he sees a ladder that serves as the connection between Heaven and Earth.
  • This item is unrelated to the Afterbirth + Item of the same name.
  • The item description might be a reference to "Stairway to Heaven", a song by Led Zeppelin. The Repentance description "May You Get What You Came For" makes this more deliberate.
  • This item was significantly reworked in Repentance. It now leads to a unique angel shop, where Angel items can be bought with money. However, the ladder will despawn after leaving the starting room. Entering this room no longer affects the Devil/Angel chance for the floor.