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Cursed Globin

Cursed Globin
Cursed Globin.png
Base HP
Stage HP
Found In
Dark Room

The Cursed Globin chases Isaac, dealing a full heart of contact damage. Upon taking more than 33 damage, it collapses into two piles of goo (one with 10 health and another with 33 health), which can be killed. Both piles can regenerate after a short period of time if not killed quickly. This allows the Cursed Globin to potentially multiply if not dealt with quickly. One Cursed Globin can split into a maximum of 8 Globins, and the original Globin can only split a maximum of 3 times; after that, only one pile of goo will be generated.


  • If a Cursed Globin is a champion, upon killing its body form only one of the two goo piles will be a champion.

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