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The track that plays in Downpour is titled [https://mudeth.bandcamp.com/track/hallowed-ground Hallowed Ground].
The track that plays in Downpour is titled [https://mudeth.bandcamp.com/track/hallowed-ground Hallowed Ground].
== Trivia ==
* as stated above, Downpour is the only new Floor to have a Rebirth boss. that being The Haunt.

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A hatch, leading to Downpour
A hatch, leading to Downpour

Downpour is a new environment added in Antibirth.

Treasure rooms in Downpour always have two items to choose from.

After "A Secret Exit" is unlocked, a locked door to Downpour I or II will appear upon completing The Basement/Cellar I or II, respectively. The locked door requires a single key to enter.

Downpour resembles flooded sewers, with water reflecting the environment. Its enemies are water-themed and mainly shoot tears, like Isaac, instead of blood. Under certain circumstances, after killing all enemies in the room, several Gapers will emerge from the water to attack Isaac.

Downpour is the only one of the four new added chapters in Antibirth that can contain a Rebirth boss (the Haunt).


Monster Description
Walks towards Isaac and fires a chaotic burst of tears if they get close. After firing their tears, they act like regular Gapers and chase Isaac, attempting to deal contact damage.
Runs away from Isaac and periodically spawns Small Leeches. Spawns more Small Leeches upon death.
Sub Horf
Sub Horf.png
Rotates and fires tears upon taking damage.
Slowly walks towards Isaac, occasionally firing a tear at Isaac when damaged. Upon death, bursts into a fountain of tears.
Tidal Gaper
Tidal Gaper.png
Pops out of the water and chases Isaac. Has a chance to spawn with a Small Leech attached, which will detach when the Gaper is killed.
Small Leech
Small Leech.png
Swims towards Isaac, and can travel across gaps.
Swims towards Isaac in small bursts, and can travel across gaps.
Chases Isaac. Invisible; detectable only by its reflection and the ripples in the water, and the occasional lightning that makes them briefly visible.
Orbits Isaac, periodically firing orange shots inwards.
Runs away from Isaac, occasionally spawning a Willo. Spawns a Willo upon death.
Appears out of a random bucket, then picks up and throws obstacles at Isaac. If the room has no usable obstacles, it will leave the room. If there are any Tinted Rocks in the room, it will wait until they are the last remaining obstacle, then attempt to flee with one of them.

Rebirth Monsters


Boss Wormwood.png Boss Beelzeblub.png
Boss The Rainmaker.png
Boss The Haunt.png
Wormwood Beelzeblub The Rainmaker The Haunt

Knife Piece

Downpour II contains Knife Piece 1, one of three pieces necessary to enter the Corpse.

Somewhere on the floor, there will be a seemingly empty dead end room with a minimap icon that indicates the room has a chest. Bombing the center of the room will open a hidden stone chest containing Knife Piece 1.


The track that plays in Downpour is titled Hallowed Ground.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Stage downpour.png
Stage mines.png
Stage mausoleum.png
Stage corpse.png

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