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Damocles Icon.png
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
A king's fortune... but at what cost?
Recharge Time
One time use
Item Pool
Devil Room
Secret Room
Unlock Method

Damocles is a single-use active item.


  • Upon use, summons a sword that hangs directly above Isaac. As long as the sword hangs above Isaac, all item pedestals are doubled, spawning an extra item for every item spawned.
  • After getting hit once with the item activated, at any time without warning, the sword may fall, instantly killing Isaac regardless of his health. The more hits Isaac takes, the more likely it becomes for the sword to fall.


  • The chance for Damocles to fall is indicated by how far the sword swings back and forth.
  • In Shops, and Devil Rooms, the extra item is free to take.
  • In double Treasure Rooms and boss rewards with There's Options, four items will spawn, but you can only take one item from each pair.
  • The only way to survive the falling sword is either through extra lives, by using items that would make you invincible, such as Gnawed Leaf or playing as The Lost. After the sword falls, extra items will no longer spawn.
    • Be warned, however, that losing a life before the sword falls does not de-spawn the sword.
  • When playing as Jacob & Esau the item, once activated, gives its full benefit while it only has a chance of falling once the character who used it gets hit.

In-game Footage[]



  • According to a story, Dionysius was a tyrant who was hosting Damocles for some time. Damocles exclaimed to him how fortunate he was. Dionysius in response offered to switch places with him so that he could have a taste of that fortune. Damocles accepted the king's offering and sat on the throne, having several servants under his will. He quickly noticed a sword hanging from a single horsehair directly above his head, making him beg Dionysius to exempt him from that very fortune.
  • The item received a minor rework in Repentance, as Damocles will keep the same chance for the falling sword to activate regardless of the amount of times damage is taken.


Bug Bug! Double Treasure Rooms + There's Options + Birthright (when playing as Isaac) tend to crash the game with Damocles.