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Corpse is a new environment added in Antibirth.

Once all three knife pieces have been acquired, upon completing Mausoleum II, a red fleshy door will appear. On subsequent runs, this door will appear regardless of whether or not you have all three knife pieces. Stabbing the door with the knife or throwing Sharp Key at it will open it, leading to a more difficult variant of Mom's Heart. After defeating Mom's Heart, the trapdoor previously leading to the Womb will now lead to the Corpse.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Description
Flies towards Isaac. Upon death, farts and sends out 6 blood shots in all directions.
Jumps towards Isaac like a Trite. When it jumps, it fires a red shot towards Isaac. Occasionally, it stands still and spews a chaotic burst of red shots.
Moves around the room and charges at Isaac if he gets within its line of sight. Constantly lashes out with its whip.
Floating Host
Floating Host.png
Flies around the room diagonally and is normally invulnerable. Raises its head up occasionally, revealing a fleshy stem that can be damaged.
Adult Leech
Adult Leech.png
Charges towards Isaac when he's in their line of sight, and burrows in the ground to either pop out the side of the wall or the ceiling.
Wanders around the room, and slowly follows Isaac when he's in its line of sight. Occasionally spews clusters of green shots towards Isaac.
Hops around, occasionally stopping to spew out a cluster of blood shots at Isaac. Upon death, spawns four Globins.
Creates beams of electricity to other enemies in the room. Touching the electricity damages Isaac. Cannot be killed.
Corpse Eater
Corpse Eater.png
Rapidly moves around the room erratically and charges at Isaac if he comes within its line of sight.
Carrion Rider
Carrion Rider.png
Rapidly moves around the room erratically and charges at Isaac if he comes within its line of sight. The Bony on its back shoots at Isaac.
Attaches itself to a wall or obstacle and rolls around it while periodically firing blood shots at Isaac.
Spits outs its guts, which latch onto Isaac, dealing no damage but slowly drawing Isaac closer to it, impeding movement.
Continuously creates a gas cloud around them.
Mama Fly
Mama Fly.png
Lays Pustules on the ground. Explodes into Small Maggots when killed.
Grows until it bursts into Small Maggots, and leaves a small puddle of green creep.
Rotten Gaper
Rotten Gaper.png
Chases down Isaac, and may explode into Small Maggots.
Sick Boom Fly
Sick Boom Fly.png
Flies around the room diagonally. Upon death, creates a large poison cloud.
Small Maggot
Small Maggot.png
Slowly crawls around the room randomly.
Travels back and forth in a straight line across a room. Cannot be killed.
Slowly floats towards Isaac, occasionally firing blood shots. Cannot be killed and dies when the room is cleared.
Alternates between chasing Isaac and leaping at him.
Walks around the room and explodes into Small Maggots upon death.
Spins and floats around the room towards Isaac, and can teleport randomly.

Rebirth Monsters[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Floor 1[edit source]

Boss The Scourge.png
Boss Rotgut.png
Boss Chimera.png
The Scourge Rotgut Chimera

Floor 2[edit source]

Boss The Witness.png
The Witness

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlocking the entrance to the Corpse takes away the knife.
    • Using Dad's Key allows Isaac to keep the knife.

Music[edit | edit source]

  • The track that plays in the Corpse is titled Drowning.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! The I AM ERROR room of Corpse II leads Isaac to Sheol. However, the Satan fight will be empty, and no exit will be generated. If Isaac enters the I AM ERROR room there, the game will crash upon touching the trapdoor.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Corpse started out as a mockup for a fight against Ur-Gurdy by NotYourSagittarius.[1] which she expanded upon later on with a set of enemies.[2]
  • Corpse is referred to on Isaac's Last Will as "Some Dead Place".
  • As the name implies, Corpse takes place in the insides of Isaac's dead mother after he kills her heart.
  • One of the shadows seen looming over the Corpse floor resembles what could be a giant spider with sharp-tipped legs.
  • The Lumps that appear in the Corpse resemble their original appearance in the original version of the game.
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