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|name = Cohort
|name = Cohort
|basehp =
|basehp = 125
|stagehp =
|stagehp = 0
|environment = [[boir:The Womb|The Womb]]<br>[[boir:Utero|Utero]]<br>[[Corpse]]
|environment = [[boir:The Womb|The Womb]]<br>[[boir:Utero|Utero]]<br>[[Corpse]]

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Base HP
Stage HP
Found In
The Womb

A Cohort is a Globin themed Monstro-like enemy. It makes small leaps towards the player, occasionally stopping to perform one of the following attacks.

  • Spits a large cluster of blood shots at the player along with a special meat projectile that spawns a Globin in its goo stage.
  • Spits a big blood shot towards Isaac which stops in place after travelling a short distance before splitting into 8 smaller shots in all directions.

Upon death the Cohort splits into 4 more Globins in their goo stage.


  • The cluster shot attack along is telegraphed by the Cohort scrunching his face and gazing at the player with a single eye, resembling that of a Gazing Globin. However, for the rest of the time, the Cohort will have both eye sockets empty.
  • Unlike Monstro, the Cohort can not leap high in the air to land directly on top of Isaac.