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For changes to Rebirth characters, see Changes.

There are two new playable characters in Antibirth, Bethany and Jacob & Esau, each with a unique playstyle.

Character Bethany App.png
Jacob App.png Esau App.png
Jacob & Esau
Description Any Soul Hearts, Black Hearts, and Immortal Hearts that Bethany picks up are added to a counter rather than to her health bar. Each half heart in the counter can be consumed to contribute a point of charge to her currently held active item. Both Jacob and Esau are controlled simultaneously. Their health and items are independent, but if one of the two dies, both die.
Health Stat Icon.png Health HUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.png Jacob: HUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.png
Esau: HUD heart red full.pngHUD Soul Heart.png
Damage Stat Icon.png Damage 3.5 (*1.00) Jacob: 2.75 (*1.00)
Esau: 3.75 (*1.00)
Tears Stat Icon.png Tears 10 Jacob: 9
Esau: 11
Shot Speed Stat Icon.png Shot Speed 1.00 Jacob: 0.85
Esau: 1.15
Range Stat Icon.png Range 15.75 Jacob: 23.75
Esau: 23.75
Speed Stat Icon.png Speed 0.85 Jacob: 1.00
Esau: 1.00
Luck Stat Icon.png Luck 0 Jacob: 1
Esau: -1
Starting Item Icon.png Starting Pickups None None
Starting Item Icon.png Starting Item(s) Book Of Virtues None
Boss Rush Beth's Faith Rock Bottom
Mom's Heart (on Hard) Soul Baby Double Baby
Sheol Urn of Souls (currently bugged , not unlockable) Red Stew
Cathedral Book Of Virtues Jacob's Ladder
The Dark Room Alabaster Box Damocles
The Chest Blessed Penny Birthright
The Witness Revelation (currently bugged, not unlockable) Magic Skin


Each character is unlocked by accomplishing a certain task in the game. The unlock requirements are as follows:

Character Unlock requirement
Bethany Have 12 Soul Hearts at once.
Jacob & Esau Defeat The Witness.


  • A third new character, Edith, was cut due to balancing/design issues.

Sacdag.png Antibirth Sacdag.png

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