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Challenges are unique runs that typically start the player off with one or more specific items or modifies game mechanics to make the game more difficult. Completing challenges unlocks new content for the game. Special Seeds occupy and create similar effects and runs.

Challenge list[]

Name Conditions Goal Unlocked by Unlocks
1x. N/A
2x. Scat Man Starts with: Skatole, 9 Volt, Butt Bombs, E Coli, BFFS!, Thunder Thighs, Dirty Mind, and Mysterious Candy.

Blindfolded (cannot use tears). Damage must be primarily done with the friendly Dips spawned by Dirty Mind.

No treasure rooms.

Mom Unlocked from start Rune of Kenaz
3x. Turbo! This challenge is done as Cain. The game is massively sped up. Mom Unlock Cain Rune of Fehu
4x. Bloody Mary This challenge is done as Bethany. Starts with: Blood Bag, Anemic, Book of Belial, Child's Heart, and Blood Oath.

No treasure rooms.

Satan Unlock Bethany, It Lives, and Blood Bag Rune of Gebo
5x. N/A
6x. N/A
7x. N/A
8x. Isaac's Awakening Starts with: Trinity Shield, Mom's Bracelet, and Spirit Sword.

No treasure rooms.

The Witness Defeat The Witness Temporarily bugged - does not unlock a reward on completion (supposed to unlock Psy Fly)
9x. Seeing Double This challenge is done as Jacob & Esau. Jacob starts with 20/20. Esau starts with 20/20 and X-Ray Vision.

All enemies (including bosses) are doubled. An enemy's double can be an alternate version, such as a champion. Enemies in challenge rooms are not doubled (possibly a bug).

It Lives Defeat The Witness Rune of Othala
10x. N/A

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1x. Coming soon 2x. Scat Man 3x. Turbo! 4x. Bloody Mary 5x. Coming soon
6x. Coming soon 7x. Coming soon 8x. Isaac's Awakening 9x. Seeing Double 10x. Coming soon

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