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|name = Bishop
|name = Bishop
|basehp = 17
|basehp = 5
|stagehp = 0
|stagehp = 2.4
|environment = [[Mausoleum]]<br>[[boir:Cathedral|Cathedral]]<br>[[boir:The Chest|The Chest]]
|environment = [[Mausoleum]]<br>[[boir:Cathedral|Cathedral]]<br>[[boir:The Chest|The Chest]]

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Base HP
Stage HP
Found In
The Chest

Bishops are stationary enemies that defend other enemies instead of attacking Isaac. If an enemy or boss is within a large distance of one, it will grant them an impenetrable shield.

This shield effect nullifies all damage the player inflicts so usually it's a top priority to defeat all Bishops in the room first; otherwise, the situation may be unwinnable. Fortunately, Bishops can not apply shields to other Bishops.


  • Bishops can provide a shield for more than one enemy at a time.
  • Bishop shields only become visible if the player attempts to attack the enemy under the shield.
  • If all enemies in the room besides the Bishops are slain, the remaining Bishops will not change in behaviour.


  • The Bishop is currently the only enemy in the game to apply buffs to other enemies.
  • Bishops are one of the only enemies to wear clothing.