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The Chest

Bishops are stationary enemies that defend other enemies instead of attacking Isaac. If an enemy or boss is within a large distance of one, it will grant them an impenetrable shield.

This shield effect nullifies all damage the player inflicts so usually it's a top priority to defeat all Bishops in the room first; otherwise, the situation may be unwinnable. Fortunately, Bishops can not apply shields to other Bishops.


  • Bishops can provide a shield for more than one enemy at a time.
  • Bishop shields only become visible if the player attempts to attack the enemy under the shield.
  • If all enemies in the room beside the Bishops are slain, the remaining Bishops will not change in behavior.
  • If items that damage the entire room such as the Necronomicon or Black Hearts are used while Bishops are present, the Bishops will be killed but other enemies will not take damage.
  • If Chub is being shielded by a Bishop, she can still be damaged by tricking her into eating bombs.
  • If a Bishop is charmed, it will shield Isaac from damage instead of enemies.



  • The Bishop is currently the only enemy in the game to apply buffs to other enemies.
  • Bishops are one of the only enemies to wear clothing.