The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Wiki
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Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Pickup Quote
(Unique to each character)
Item Pool
Unlock Method
Birthright Defeat ??? as Jacob & Esau.

Birthright is a passive item.


  • This item has a different pickup quote and effect depending on the character it is picked up as:
Character Pickup Quote Effect
Isaac Choose your destiny Doubles item pedestal spawns like There's Options. You can only take 1 of each pair, but it affects all item sources. Extra choices in Devil Rooms and shops are free.
Magdalene HP up Grants 3 heart containers.
Cain Locks don't stand a chance Grants a golden key on each floor, essentially giving Cain infinite keys.
Judas Knowledge is power Using books deals damage to all enemies in the room in addition to their normal effect, similar to a black heart or the Necronomicon effect.
??? Stronger spirit HP ups give 2 soul hearts instead of one.
Eve Your very own murder Getting hit will occasionally spawn additional Dead Birds that persist between rooms.
Samson (empty description) No special effect as of now, "mimics" a random item instead.
Azazel (empty description) No special effect as of now, "mimics" a random item instead.
Lazarus (empty description) No special effect as of now, "mimics" a random item instead.
Eden ??? Gives a random item.
The Lost Better destiny Removes HP upgrades from the item pools.
Bethany Conserve your faith Using saved up hearts to complete the active item's charge will occasionally not use any hearts.
Jacob & Esau What's yours is mine The character that collects it copies three passive items from the other.


  • When taken by Isaac, if multiple items spawn (eg. Polaroid and Negative after beating Mom) both items get an alternative, but still only one can be taken, after that, all the other items disappear.
    • However, the Shops still allows to the choice between alternatives of different items at the sale.


9BSN 2V6M (Third Floor, in the Shop)


  • This item originated from the Binding of Isaac: Community Remix mod, where it was known as 'Soul Script'.
  • The item's new name and unlock requirement are likely a reference to the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, in which Esau trades his birthrights to Jacob in exchange for stew. The reference is strengthened by the Birthright's specific effect when taken by Jacob or Esau, allowing them to "inherit" the items of their brother.
  • When ported to Repentance, only ???, Bethany and Jacob and Esau retained their Birthright functionality.
    • Isaac had a slight alteration, having pedestals swap between two items rather than spawning two pedestals.
    • The Lost will not see items that are detrimential or useless for him, rather than just no health up items.


Bug Bug! This item tends to randomly crash the game upon pick up. Most noticed when picking up this item with the Jacob & Esau character if the other character does not have at least 3 passive items.
Bug Bug! When picked up as Isaac, the game will often crash when a beggar or machine generates an item pedestal.
Bug Bug! The Lost may still get HP upgrades after using R Key item.