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Beelzeblub is a boss that appears in Downpour.


  • Beelzeblub flies around the room and periodically spawns either a larger Small Leech which charges at Isaac or a pair of Small Leeches that follow him.
  • Occasionally, Beelzebub jumps towards the player, releasing a chaotic burst of tears in all directions.
  • After a few Small Leeches are following him, he sends out a burst of 8 tears in all directions and makes the Small Leeches charge at Isaac.
  • Upon death, Beelzebub bursts into more tears and releases some leeches.


  • Beelzeblub is very similar in appearance and behavior to The Duke of Flies. Beelzeblub may be considered as a drowned version of the Duke.
  • Beelzeblub's name is a combination of "Beelzebub", a demon known as the Lord of the Flies, and "blub", an onomatopoeic sound that can be used for the act of trying to breathe underwater, referring to his drowned state.
  • Beelzeblub has an autopsy stitch. Again this can be seen on many other bosses as well. Including The Duke Of Flies.
  • In the Binding of Isaac repentance, Beelzeblub is known as Lil Blub


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