Baby Plum
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Base HP
Stage HP
Found In
The Basement
The Cellar
Double Trouble:
The Depths
Normal Enemy:
Dropped Items
Boss Pool

Baby Plum is one of the bosses that can appear in Chapter 1.


  • Spits a diagonal stream of shots, propelling her across the room while she bounces off walls.
  • Twirls towards the player, firing shots in all directions.
  • Jumps, firing two rings of blood shots in all directions and leaving behind a small pool of red creep.
    • One of the rings of shots travel outwards slowly while the second one travels faster but has wider spaces between each projectile.
  • Upon death, she releases a ring of 10 small tears.

When not attacking, Baby Plum slowly hovers towards the player.


  • Baby Plum, like several other bosses in Antibirth, is based on a group of common monsters encountered on various floors. Baby Plum is based on flies, like Suckers, Red Boom Flies, and Level 2 Flies.
  • Baby Plum is the only boss introduced in Antibirth that only appears in Rebirth floors and not on any Antibirth floor.
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