Alabaster Box

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Alabaster Box is a single-use active item.


  • Gains charges through Soul Hearts, Black Hearts, and Immortal Hearts.
  • After 6 full hearts are absorbed, after use it will provide two possible rewards:
    • If no devil deals were taken: two Angel Room items and 4 soul hearts or 3 soul hearts and an eternal heart.
    • If at least one devil deal was taken: one Angel Room item and 3 soul hearts or 2 soul hearts and an eternal heart.


  • While playing as The Lost, this item can not be charged.
  • Upon clearing a room with half an immortal heart, the immortal heart will charge Alabaster Box instead of regenerating. This means Alabaster Box can gain charges identically to normal active items by simply clearing rooms, but also makes it easier to lose the immortal heart.


Bug Bug! Taking damage with Paschal Candle may reset the item's charge. (Unconfirmed)