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120 Volt
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Character Appearance
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Tear Appearance
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Item Type
Passive Collectible
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Item Pool
Treasure Room

120 Volt is a passive item.


  • Whenever an enemy is shot, it will zap other enemies near them, dealing damage.
    • Enemies that are zapped can also zap nearby enemies.
    • The zaps transfer tear effects.


  • Lodestone - The magnetizing effect is spread via 120 Volt, resulting in a dense mass of enemies that further attracts the players' shots.
  • Brimstone - The laser turns light blue and zaps enemies.
  • Technology - The laser turns blue and creates arcs to other enemies.


In-game Footage[]


  • The Community Remix mod has a 'Box of Wires' item which makes Isaac shoot electricity tears, probably an inspiration for this item as its pickup quote is "Zap zap!"
  • In Repentance, this item was reworked to instead rapidly zap enemies near Isaac. Its Antibirth effect was partially moved to the existing item Jacob's Ladder.


1LJR 4PRZ (First-floor treasure room)

3PXB SP9Q (First-floor treasure room) (Judas)

P6QZ 9XP8 (First-floor treasure room)

BRSC VS9A (First-floor treasure room)

C98R Z6TG (First-floor treasure room)

Sacdag.png Antibirth Sacdag.png

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